iThermonitor | Hospital Solutions
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Hospital Solutions


Better Informed Providers

Often times fever is the first, if not the only, underlying sign of infection. With continuous core temperature you won’t miss any of the early warning signs of deterioration, especially for immunosuppressed patients. Save time and improve care with trend lines, high temperature alarms, and core temperature throughout the hospital.

Simple Setup

iThermonitor’s hospital solution requires less than ten minutes of set up time and little to no impact on your IT infrastructure. No nurse re-education or significant infrastructural changes, just a simple plug and play.

Universal Patient Monitor Integration

With a simple barcode scan, iThermonitor can be paired to any patient monitor on the market, no matter the brand or connectivity port. Our hospital temperature monitoring solution is as universal as any traditional, hard-wired temperature probe while still being completely wireless.

No Disruption to Existing Workflow

Many technologies are great in theory and bad in practice. We designed iThermonitor to combat this exact phenomenon by taking into account the intricacies of hospital workflow. View patient temperature at the bedside with our cHUB technology or stream it directly to your EHR. Moreover, you can keep the same thermometer applied when transferring patients from the Operating Room to the PACU, SICU, or General Ward etc.

Easily switch from Operating Room to PACU, General Ward, etc.

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You will not find a better thermometer anywhere.