iThermonitor | Remote Monitoring
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Remote Monitoring with iThermonitor

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Integrated Devices For Data Management

  • 3rd Party API and SDK Integration
  • Monitored and secure data transmission
  • HIPAA compliant cloud infrastructure¬†

Quality care doesn’t end at the hospital doors anymore. iThermonitor’s remote monitoring solutions are designed to monitor temperature continuously and seamlessly from an at-home setting.

Data Analysis and Clinical Decision Support

75% of adverse events and preventable deaths happen outside the ICU in unmonitored beds [1]. iThermonitor is combatting this issue with:

  • Real-time remote patient monitoring
  • Early detection of infection and patient deterioration
  • Customizable data visualization platforms

Improved Patient Adherence and

Provider Intervention

Changing the way healthcare is delivered with:

  • More meaningful conversations with patients in real-time
  • Automated alert systems when things go awry
  • Improved drug adherence and prescription fulfillment

You will not find a better thermometer anywhere.